Community Dental Partners

Talent Acquisition Coordinator *remote*

Full-Time in Greenville, TX - Community Dental Partners - $15.00 - $16.00


Must be able to travel 1-2 days out of the month to Denton, TX for mandatory meetings

Position: Recruiter

We a hiring a Bilingual Recruiter that is fluent in English and Spanish

We are revolutionizing dental care by building value-based, innovative solutions to create an amazing patient, staff, and doctor experience in underserved markets. Started in 2010, CDP now supports more than 30 dental practices that serve more than 175,000 patient visits each year. The company continues to grow 20% or more annually by building new practices and partnering with dentists with existing locations.


The successful candidate will be a fit for the CDP Culture, which is embodied in the company’s value system, known as the NINE PILLARS™. These pillars serve as the company’s overarching code of conduct as well as the criteria upon which job performance is evaluated. The pillars are:

  • Humility: You are not always right, and you openly accept this and are willing to graciously receive feedback to let go of the past and change. You are teachable and hungry to improve.
  • Personal Honesty & Responsibility: You avoid making excuses, rationalizing, or minimizing your mistakes and shortcomings. You refrain from blaming others. You understand what is and is not within your control, meaning you take full ownership of what is in your control and you let go of what is out of your control.
  • Gratitude: You love feedback so much that you thank anyone who is willing to give it to you, especially when it points out ways you can improve. You are grateful for work and for coworkers who are different from and complementary to you. You focus on what you do have, not what you don’t.
  • Team Loyalty and Respect: You do not gossip, but rather engage in CDP’s proprietary STRATE Talk™ system to show respect, loyalty, and compassion to your coworkers. You would never think of deflecting blame to others by saying: “That’s not my job.” You strive for alignment and unity with your team.
  • Individual Compassion: You do not judge others, preferring to assume they have weaknesses that they are working on just like you. You make it a priority to get to know those around you and, once you learn their needs, fears, and emotions, you genuinely desire to help them.
  • Development and Learning: You focus on improving yourself, recognizing that it is a life-long process, not a one-time event. You put in the effort to shed past perspectives to allow yourself to grow to the next level.
  • Relationships and Customer Service: You are in the relationship business, not accounting or dentistry. You value others and strive to make their days better because they interacted with you. You avoid unnecessary criticism, preferring to have a positive attitude.
  • Health and Balance: You manage your personal and professional life in such a way that you are 100% present.
  • Happiness and Fun: Happiness is an inside job, meaning you are exclusively in charge of choosing to be happy and have fun. You are comfortable being yourself and you encourage others to do the same for themselves.

This role will focus on hiring all Clinical Staff Members for Front Office and Back Office Assistants.


  • Perform full-cycle recruitment including sourcing and phone screening candidates, conducting in-person interviews, and scheduling interviews with hiring managers
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with community partners
  • Coordinate and attend recruitment events as well as coordinate with staffing agencies
  • Negotiating contract rates with agencies and consultants
  • Provide coaching and follow up with hiring managers
  • Drafting job postings and interview questions
  • Providing feedback and work with leadership to develop recruitment strategies and process improvements
  • Completing timely reporting on recruiting metrics
  • Performing reference checks
  • Staying up to date with regional and industry-specific recruiting and talent acquisition trends
  • Performing other tasks as requested by the manager


  • Prior experience recruiting preferred
  • Prior experience in a start-up environment preferred
  • Prior experience recruiting for healthcare preferred
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience performing full-cycle recruiting
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience using Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and candidates simultaneously under minimal supervision


  • Competitive salary
  • Full benefits package
  • PTO

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $14.00 - $16.00

Community Dental Partners is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer. We are committed to ensuring equal employment opportunities for all job applicants and employees. Employment decisions are based upon job-related reasons regardless of an applicant's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability, marital status, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any other status protected by law.