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Bilingual Traveling Orthodontic Manager

Full-Time in Denton, TX - Mid Level - Smile Magic Denton & Grand Praire - $39.52k - $43.68k

Traveling Orthodontic Manager

Smile Magic of Denton & Grand Prairie

Reports To

The Ortho Manager will report to the Clinical Director, Operations Director, Regional Manager, and Practice Manager

Job Overview

The role is to support the Directors, Regional Managers and Practice Managers in implementing projects, systems and protocols, evaluation of practices and metrics, direct the team and ensure protocols and systems are being followed, monitor and manage patient experience and flow, report requested metrics and information to the Regional Manager and Directors, and manage issues that arise.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage the implementation of projects, systems, and protocols with direction from the Directors and Regional Manager
  • Provide feedback to the Directors and Regional Manager
  • Engage with and provide support to the Practice Managers
  • Inform the Operations Director of any issues, concerns or ideas
  • Monitor and manage patient flow and experience
  • Organize and monitor the daily schedules
  • Track and report metrics and other requested information
  • Manage issues as they arise and monitor for possible future issues
  • Fill in for other positions in the office when needed
  • Work with the Ortho Project Manager to ensure projects and protocols are correctly implemented and monitored


  • Ensure the Directors’ and Regional Manager’s expectations and requests are met
  • Work with all directors, managers and team members to identify areas that need improvement
  • Advise and help resolve issues brought to management
  • Ensure clear communication, compliance and understanding of projects and protocols
  • Provide information and feedback regarding all aspects of the offices·

Position Type; Full-time